Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine combines gold medal winning moonshine with real ruby red grapefruit juice. The result? A mouth watering infusion with huge grapefruit notes on the nose and an even bigger rush on the tongue. The organic corn-based, premium spirit adds an extra hint of sweetness, perfect for sipping alone or in your favorite cocktail. Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine is the perfect addition to any summer cocktail. It is outrageously easy to mix into any beverage when you're looking for fresh, bright flavors. Infused with responsibly sourced grapefruit, no artificial colors or sweeteners are ever used. Belle Isle Moonshine is made from a base of 100%organic corn, though bottled at a lower proof than classic moonshine. Texas grapefruit gives Belle Isle its's grapefruit expression and springy pink color. Over the years moonshine has gotten a bad rap, but Vince Riggi and Brian Marks are out to spread the good word (and moonshine). So how did this all start? Early Virginia settlers began to experiment with native corn and found it made much better beer than traditional British ale. After a few runs of corn through a still, corn whiskey "moonshine" was born. During the Civil War on Bell Isle Virginia soldiers took a surplus of corn rations and instead of a still, used copper kettles to distill elevating moonshine into a higher quality. Then with the advent of prohibition, what Virginia knew and loved as moonshine became synonymous with all sorts of unregulated, untaxed and impure distillates being distributed illegally. When Prohibition was done the word "moonshine" left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. In 2013, brothers-in-law Vince Riggi and Brian Marks sat down over a drink to talk about their dream of seeing moonshine on the shelf and in the hands of people everywhere. Their moonshine however, would be a premium one using the same techniques passed down from our American ancestors, distilled form 100% premium corn, and made only with the finest ingredients. Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit takes its name from a 540 acre island located in the middle of the James River in Richmond, VA. This tiny island has served as a community hub since the first explorers first came to Richmond. It is distributed in Georgia by Georgia Crown Distributing