Nestled in the Georgia countryside, the Wolff family home is prime for hunting and is in the perfect location for city fun or a quick, peaceful retreat. By Andrea Hayes. Photos By R.Caligaris

Avery and Luke Wolff always dreamed of building a country house or cabin on the Wolff family property since they’d first been married, but other things always seemed to get in the way. As their boys got older and entered high school, they realized that their time with them at home was growing increasingly short, so they decided to realize their dream home before their sons left for college.

With the help of architect, Jack Jenkins, and builder, Steve Anthony, construction on the five bedroom, six bath home was finished in late December 2013. And by New Year’s Day 2014, the family was ready to spend their first night in the new house.

Completely surrounded by woods, the home sits on a ledge overlooking a beautiful wooded
bottom. In the winter months, the bottom is flooded for ducks, but drained in the summer to
plant corn. Luke’s father and his wife also have a home on the property nearby and he does most of the farming.

The Wolffs have always loved the rustic style. “I love English and European antiques, but I also
love the rustic, rugged look, so this home is a good blend,” Avery shares. She continues, “Jack
Jenkins wanted it to look like we found an old cabin in the woods and simply built onto it. I
think we’ve achieved that look pretty well.”

“With four boys, everything has to be almost indestructible” Avery tells us. But with the help of interior designer Leslie Wolfe of Benton Parker Design, the Wolff home is not only beautiful, it can withstand nearly anything. “I certainly can’t have a house that is too delicate to live in. We hadn’t been in the house for four months when they had already broken a sofa!” Clearly tough, durable fabrics and furniture were a must for this active family. Many unique features can be found in the Wolff home. For instance, “one bedroom is a bunk room that can sleep a lot of boys.” Another one of the family’s favorite features is the fire pit. “We love sitting out there around the fire and talking. Sometimes you have to get outside to get away from technology and force yourselves to talk face to face, especially with teenagers.”

This gorgeous home is full of life and a rustic style uniquely its own. Perfect for this family,
the Wolff home is truly a dream home to be admired. svm