Morten's at Old Town

Coming in October to Old Town is Morten’s Restaurant, owned by Morten Wulff, a Danish chef who hopes to put a European twist on traditional American cuisine and fine dining.


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As a former country and dining club chef, Morten Wulff is no stranger to fine dining and elegant cuisine. With the launch of his new enterprise, Morten’s Restaurant at Old Town, Wulff hopes to bring some of that elegance to the wider Columbus public. We sat down with Morten Wulff himself to talk about his new place, set to open in October.

How long have you been a chef? What made you decide that you wanted to work in this industry? I attended culinary school in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1985 after knowing I was meant to be a chef while taking a home economics class in high school. I loved the aromas and sights that developed from taking individual ingredients and turning them into tasty culinary creations. I had a passion for cooking and creating and knew that I could take this passion and travel the country doing what I love. I traveled for several years, acquiring new skills in all types of venues including hotels, private clubs, and restaurants until I made Columbus, Georgia my permanent home.

Why did you choose Old Town as the location to open your new restaurant? The newly developing community of Old Town is the perfect spot for the restaurant. My partner, Peter Lampert, and I knew at once that the beautifully landscaped Southern living community was the right fit for us. I feel that this is an up-and-coming area where the restaurant will thrive. Our mission is to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere where patrons can relax and enjoy fine dining with old and new friends.

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What makes Morten’s different from other restaurants in Columbus? Morten’s at Old Town will offer both indoor and outdoor dining. There is an open kitchen. Diners will be able to see into the kitchen and I feel that this will improve the overall dining experience as it creates a connection between the chef and the customer. We will offer a chef’s table facing the kitchen for those who want a more personal dining experience. Chef table guests can expect to be served a themed tasting menu prepared and served by the chef. The restaurant’s features will be changed out anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly to keep the selections new and exciting.  

How would you describe the menu and the cuisine at Morten’s? I will be using a combination of European and classic American cooking methods. Everything will be made from scratch using as many local fresh and flavorful products as possible. I put no boundaries on the types of dishes I create. I do what inspires me at the time. I am always looking to broaden my horizons to make truly special creations that keep the customers wanting to come back. I believe in both taste and presentation. I take pride in knowing that the dishes I prepare awaken the customer’s sense of smell, sight, and taste. That is my goal for each dish that I prepare.  

What will the hours of operation be, and will you be serving lunch, dinner, and brunch? Our hours of operation will be Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for lunch, 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner. Sunday hours are 5:30 to 9 p.m. Closed on Mondays.  

What is a favorite comfort dish that reminds you of home? Comfort food for me is the Christmas dinner that I grew up with in Denmark. It includes roasted crispy pork loin with braised red cabbage and caramelized potatoes.  This is the meal what reminds me of home, family, and childhood. svm

Dr. Moore Family Medicine

For more than a decade, Columbus native Linda “Jill” Kosobucki Moore, M.D., has served the Columbus area’s medical needs with attentive and thorough care.



In an effort to keep up with the changing times in healthcare – in which doctors are having to see more patients every day, resulting in longer wait times with shorter visits – and try to provide the best possible care for patients, Dr. Moore decided it was time to make a big change in her personal practice. With her new membership-based model, she is able to bring the focus back to patient centered care and provide overall wellness planning that emphasizes early detection of disease and preventative healthcare. 

What is your training background as a Family Medicine physician? I’m a board-certified family medicine practitioner here in Columbus. I earned my medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and completed my residency at Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, South Carolina. I recently transitioned my practice from a traditional model to a membership model. With this type of healthcare model, I’m able to provide office visits that are less hurried, same or next day appointments that start on time, increased communication, more direct connection and support for your diet, nutrition, fitness, and other healthcare goals. Being part of a smaller group of patients definitely has its benefits!

What type of medical problems do you see in your practice? Being a family medicine physician, I see everything under the sun, from heart issues and diabetes to sleep issues and osteoporosis. I treat patients age 5 and up.  But because I’m also concierge physician, it’s as much about the overall care of the whole patient as it is prescribing medication if they are sick. I’m able to take the time to establish a relationship with a patient and learn in depth about their overall health background as well as their family’s health history. This allows me and the patient to work together to look at any areas of possible concern and keep those issue from becoming a real problem. This type of personalized, preventative care is crucial for people who want to get ahead of their health and take it into their own hands, rather than just leaving things to chance. 

Is there one bad health habit you wish people would quit? Why? How about one good habit you’d like to see more people start? People are not being proactive with their health. They only see a doctor when they are sick. Often whatever is causing them to feel ill could have been prevented had they taken steps to create an overall wellness plan. That could include everything from incorporating more exercise into their lifestyle or getting more sleep. I’d like to see more people decide to take their health into their hands and be proactive with their health. That is the benefit of being a member of a concierge medicine practice. I get the opportunity to spend more time with my patients and in that time, we pinpoint what any health issues might be and discuss what can be done to fix that issue early.

Are you seeing that the shifting world of medical insurance of what’s being accepted and what’s not has impacted your patients? There is a lot of confusion about insurance right now – and as a whole, it is definitely affecting patient care. Because of how physicians are reimbursed, they have to see as many patients in a day as possible to afford even the basic overhead of running a practice. That cuts down on the time a doctor can spend with each patient. The average time a physician spends in an exam room is 7-9 minutes. It’s really hard to get to know your patients and address all their issues when they are 1 of 30 patients the doctor will see that day. I was constantly running behind when I had my traditional practice and I know my patients used to get incredibly frustrated. The benefit of membership is that appointment times are 30 minutes, we run on time, and you can almost always get in and see me the same day! There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you essentially have a doctor ‘on call’ when you can be seen as needed and calls get addressed and returned promptly.

What is your favorite part of the Columbus community? My husband David and I are fortunate that our families all live in the Columbus area.  Much of our family life now revolves around our children. We are quite pleased that David’s oldest daughter is now married and they are staying in the area.  His son is entering his senior year at Columbus High School. We have been very involved with our younger daughters’ dancing at Prodigy Dance Centre and competition team. We’re also active in events at St. Luke School year-round with our younger daughters. We adore our dance families and St. Luke families apart from those scheduled events. SVM

Four Seasons Sunrooms & Windows

By Alessio Caligaris

A sunroom is the perfect addition – a modern improvement on yesterday’s porch - allowing you to relax in the outdoors without being at the mercy of the elements. With Four Seasons sunrooms and windows, you can enjoy natural light and panoramic views all year-round.

When deciding to build a new addition on your home, one is often confronted with difficult decisions about what the room will be used for, and the daunting costs associated with construction. Four Seasons provides a low-cost and versatile solution to this problem. Your new sunroom will instantly become your favorite room in your home as you get all the perks of natural light and outdoor views, without being exposed to the discomfort of the elements. As summer days get longer and brighter, SVM sat down with Ed Kennedy from Four Seasons Sunrooms to explain the process and benefits of adding a sunroom to your home.

What are some of the advantages of having a sunroom in your home? Every homeowner that I talk to wants to find a way to bring more natural light into their home. Having a sunroom allows natural light to permeate through your home and instantly make it feel more inviting and welcoming. You simply can’t get the same results by artificial means. Your sunroom is also the most versatile room in the house. It could be a sitting room, a game room, a dining area, an indoor garden, or a hot-tub room. Whatever you choose to make of it, you will find yourself spending as much time as possible in your sunroom.

Why should people choose a sunroom over a standard room addition? A sunroom can be built in a fraction of the time and cost as a standard addition, and you will find yourself loving it even more than a traditional room. You can also get a lot more mileage from a sunroom due to its endless versatility.

What’s different or better about the design of the sunrooms you’re making today? Four Seasons is an industry leader in sunroom construction. We are constantly coming up with new and innovative products for homeowners. The latest product, Life Room, incorporates motorized screens that can raise and lower at the push of a button. We also have over 20 styles to easily match the architecture of your home. Four Seasons has an exclusive patent on energy efficient glass to keep the cost of ownership as low as possible.

Do you provide sun shades for windows, doors and sunrooms? We can install shades per request, however, they are not needed, as the glass is designed to keep the harsh Southern heat out. We can install shades as a matter of privacy, if you so choose.

One question many people ask is: “Do I need to obtain a building permit for my sunroom?” In general, yes, a building permit is required. We take care of that by obtaining the proper permits and helping with neighborhood HOA approvals. You also need to make sure you hire a state licensed General Contractor who carries Liability and Workman’s Comp insurances. We are licensed in Georgia and Alabama. 

What do you like most about having a business in Columbus? We enjoy being able to serve the Chattahoochee Valley residents by offering quality home improvement products that they can enjoy for years.

Bare Roots Farmacy

By Alessio Caligaris | Photos by S. Saxon

Giving Columbus access to quality and healthy food is something that the owners at Bare Roots Farmacy take very seriously, and are honored to be involved in. Besides, their food is local, thoughtful, and, most importantly, delicious.

It would be tempting to call farm-to-table and clean eating a trend. What we have seen is that there is a thriving industry of like-minded entrepreneurs who have proven that this is a revolution in how we think about food. With the abundance of drive-troughs, and the tendency to make food as quick and cheap as possible, we are conditioned to think of food as a mere commodity. Olivia Amos and Brandi Whitney of Bare Roots Farmacy want to fundamentally change our relationship with food. To them, food is medicine that is vital to nourishment and growth. They are committed to provide “medicine” in the form of responsibly sourced and organic food that is just as tasty as it is good for you. SVM sat down with Olivia and Brandi to discuss their newest restaurant venture and their interesting perspective on food and nutrition.

How did you personally get into the health-conscious restaurant world? Olivia: I have always been known as the “health nut” by my friends and family. Healthy cooking using fresh ingredients was the way I grew up. My grandparents, aunt and my parents were instrumental in teaching us that eating healthy is a lifestyle not a fad diet. My mom did not allow soda or processed food in our home, we were eating organic before it became the trend.  After I graduated from high school, I worked my way through college in the restaurant industry and moved to Atlanta after I finished school. Eatzi’s was my favorite restaurant in the Atlanta area. I loved that you could get fresh, healthy selections in a bustling market atmosphere that was convenient. I traveled a lot for work and would always seek out the restaurant/market concept during my travels. Healthy and convenient with a cool vibe has always been sort of an obsession of mine and a concept I wanted to bring to Columbus when I moved back home seven years ago. I threw the idea around with different people over the years but until I met Brandi, no one had the same vision and philosophy on food being medicine.

Brandi: I grew up in a household where my parents focused on a healthy diet. It became a passion of mine to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. When I enrolled in culinary school, I knew I wanted to focus on simply, locally based ingredients and making healthy food delicious.  When I graduated from culinary school it was natural for me to seek out a health based women’s facility in Vermont to do my apprenticeship. I worked hand in hand with dieticians and nutritionists who further fueled my desire to focus my career on making healthy food delicious. Fast forward to moving back to Columbus in 2013, and I saw a need in the CrossFit market for a delivery service based on the Paleo and Whole30 meal plans. I found my niche and started Bare Roots Paleo in June of 2014. Liv and I met through CrossFit and quickly our families became friends. After a few months of talking and a failed attempt with another potential partner, she and I embarked on the journey of Bare Roots Farmacy.

How did you come up with the name, Bare Roots Farmacy? Brandi’s company was named Bare Roots Paleo prior to her and I partnering. We did not want to be pigeon holed in the Paleo lifestyle so she came up with the word Farmacy which fit perfectly with our message of Food is Medicine.

What makes Bare Roots Farmacy different than other healthy restaurants? First of all, I believe it is Brandi’s passion and commitment to quality and consistency. We both believe being true to our message and brand is of utmost importance as well. Bare Roots is truly farm to table and we focus on supporting all of our local farms as much as we possibly can. There is also an educational piece to what we do. We want our customers to understand and become knowledgeable for themselves so they can understand the reasoning behind the ingredients we use and how they can benefit our bodies and our health.

Since Bare Roots Farmacy is focused on providing farm-to-table fresh foods, what challenges does that present? Obviously, during the growing season, the challenges are minimal because we have so many great farms in our area. If one has an issue with a crop, we can normally lean on another one for that same ingredient. In saying that though, supply is still the biggest challenge we face. There may be a day or two we have to take a dish off the menu because we are not able to source it. That has definitely been something we are having to educate our customers on. You hate to tell them we are out of something but we are out because we are doing our absolute best to stay true to supporting our farmers.

How do you balance your desire to be as sustainable as possible with the fundamental expenses of running a business at scale? We would love to say we are 100% organic 100% of the time but as a small business owner, that is just not possible. We would have to price ourselves out of the market in order to do that. I feel confident in saying we are 90% organic 100% of the time. We are 100% non-GMO and that is something that we will always be committed to.

What are your personal favorite menu items? Olivia: The Grilled Green Tomato Stack. I love fried green tomatoes, so this dish satisfies my craving for the southern staple but it is healthy at the same time. I don’t feel bad after I eat it like I would eating the fried version.

Brandi: The sweet potato hash. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so this dish is not only satisfying but it gives me the fuel I need to make it through a long day in the kitchen.

If you could give readers one piece of advice for how they can improve their relationships with food, what would that be? Less is more. Less ingredients, smaller portions, use only fresh ingredients and make eating healthy a lifestyle not something you do for 30 days at a time.

For the years to come, what do you want your restaurant to be known for? Helping the community realize that eating healthy can be delicious and convenient. We live in such a fast paced society that we tend to think we don’t have time to eat healthy.

The Bottle Shop

 Boasting itself as the largest liquor store in town, The Bottle Shop has one of the most impressive arrays of beer, wine and liquor in Columbus. Owners Miles Jordan and Boo Miller strove for excellence in planning their latest venture.

Located off Bradley Park Drive, The Bottle Shop has rows and rows of premium alcoholic beverages. From fine wines to craft beers, The Bottle Shop seems to offer something for everyone. With the goal of a friendly staff and upscale shopping experience, Miles Jordan and Boo Miller wanted to fill a void they saw in the Columbus market. The pair sat down with SVM to tell us more about their unique package store.

What sets The Bottle Shop apart from the many other liquor stores in town?

The Bottle Shop’s plan from the beginning was to be something special, something Columbus was missing. We wanted to make sure that our business plan and vision would set us apart from any other liquor store in the area. The phrase “that’s how it’s always been done” was not allowed during planning and design. With that vision in mind, we reached out to Dutsch Roberts with UDR Wood Creations for the store’s all custom wood shelving. Important elements of the design concept were to have no boxes on the floor, wide shoppable aisles, and a clean and friendly retail focused environment which is very different than your traditional liquor store. Dutsch understood and bought in right away. He literally built the store for us from scratch and exceeded our expectations. We visited other stores to figure out the dimensions needed for the shelves, and we wanted to make sure to offer wide shoppable aisles. We are very excited with the final product and feel like we have created something special for the Columbus area.”

What is your go-to drink?
Miles: Typically, I enjoy a craft beer or a crown and ginger ale.
Boo: I like a John Daly.

With one of the largest selections of alcohol in town, what brands of hard to find beverages do you carry?

This could be a very long answer if we listed them all plus the answer will change often.cIf we don’t have it, it’s back ordered. We have a 35-door beer cooler, about 5,000-square-feet of spirits and about 6,000-square-feet of wine. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection and being able to help customers find products that are often hard to find.

 Summer is known for it’s fun and fruity drinks. Winter, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have as many exciting options. What drink do you recommend for a cold winter’s night?
Miles: I’d recommend a good bourbon neat.
Boo: I like a single malt in the winter time.

What little known alcoholic beverage do you wish more people knew about?

Miles: I really enjoy a nice, chilled glass of limoncello after dinner and not many people seem to know about them.
Boo: My new favorite wine is Cain Cuvee. It’s a very close second for my go to drink.

Your huge selection could be intimidating to some shoppers with little knowledge on alcohol. How will you and your staff help customers who could feel a little lost?

We have gone to great lengths to lay out the store in a way that’s easy to shop with chalkboard signs directing you to the different sections of the store. We plan to pride ourselves on great customer service, and there will be plenty of associates to guide and assist you if you can’t find your way.


Riverside Dermatology & Aesthetic Center

Clear, healthy skin is coveted by everyone. Dr. J. Nicole Flandry Fussell and her staff at Riverside Dermatology & Aesthetic Center can help you reach any and all of your skincare goals.

What attracted you to Dermatology? I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. During my first year of medical school, I found dermatology appealing for a number of reasons. I initially thought I would be a surgeon, but it seemed that often times the doctor/patient relationship was short-lived.

In dermatology, I often see patients on a regular basis and have the opportunity to see their family members as well. You really develop a relationship with your patients. Not to mention I do perform excisions which satisfies the surgeon in me.
My days vary drastically from seeing patients with potentially life threatening melanoma skin cancers to those wanting to freshen up with a cosmetic procedure, such as Botox or a laser treatment. There is never a dull moment at Riverside Dermatology!

What are your most popular procedures? What are the procedures you recommend most? Fractional resurfacing, laser hair removal, photofacials, and injectibles (i.e. Botox and fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse) are our most popular appointments.
Our Palomar Icon System addresses a variety of common skin concerns including age spots, wrinkles, skin tone and texture, surgical and acne scars, and is also the only FDA approved device for improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Fillers help to restore volume and give a more youthful appearance to an aging face. Botox/Xeomin injections can soften wrinkles and even prevent the formation of some deep set wrinkles. Many patients report that they look refreshed after these services.


Columbus gets very hot during the summer, what is your overall advice for sun safety? Find a sunscreen you like and WEAR IT! It is unrealistic to expect people to stay out of the sun completely, especially in the South.

With as many skin cancers as I see, especially in young patients, I always recommend that people be smart about sun protection. Wearing sun protective clothing, reapplying sunscreen every few hours, and seeking shade during peak hours are a few ways to keep your skin healthy, not to mention wrinkle free in the future! Sunscreen is definitely one of the most important parts of any anti-aging regimen.
Riverside Dermatology carries several different sunscreens/sunblocks that are non-irritating, non-greasy, and safe for children and patients with sensitive skin.

Is there a way to reverse skin damage from the sun? Damage from the sun is cumulative in nature.  Many problems caused by the sun do not show up for many years after the damage has already been done.  We can treat some of the effects of sun damage to the skin.  Laser treatments can help improve the appearance of wrinkles, broken blood vessels, and brown spots caused by the sun.  There are some topical medications that can help with fine lines and improve texture of the skin as well, but they work slowly. 

 Though treatments can improve the appearance of the skin, the risk for skin cancer is still present. The best option is to prevent the damage before it occurs by using an SPF of 30 or more on a daily basis. It is never too late to be smart about sun protection! I recommend sunscreen to the face, neck, and back of the hands daily to all of my patients. We are all exposed to more sun than we think driving in our cars or sitting by windows.

We’ve been told about the dangers of tanning beds for decades. Help us set the record straight: are tanning beds safe or should they be avoided? There is no question tanning beds should be avoided completely.  Tanning beds often emit ultraviolet A (UVA) light which is more carcinogenic (cancer-causing) than ultraviolet B (UVB). Not only are you increasing your risk of skin cancer in tanning beds but also are prematurely aging your skin.  People who use tanning beds often have increased wrinkles and sometimes an undesirable leathery appearance to the skin.

Apart from skin cancer I have also treated several skin infections that came from tanning bed use when the beds were not cleaned properly. There are some skin conditions that do benefit from ultraviolet light, but these treatments should only be done under the supervision of a doctor and preferably in a medical grade device that has narrow band UVB light.  If you want that healthy glow, I highly recommend self-tanners or spray tanning. There are several places in town that offer these services, not to mention a variety of self-tanners that can be applied in your own home.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday when you are not working? I am thrilled to be back in Columbus. I have really enjoyed spending time my son, Jackson, reconnecting with old friends, and discovering the new and exciting things Columbus has to offer. There are so many new restaurants, shows at the theater, and outdoor activities on the river to take advantage of… it’s wonderful!

Posh Peach

When Erin and Leah opened the Posh Peach online in 2012, their goal was to bring a new sense of fashion to Columbus. In June 2014 they opened their charming Uptown location. They strive to appeal to the tastes of women regardless of their career, style or preference.

Erin Widick and Leah Perry talked with SVM about keeping up with latest trends, what they wish to offer Columbus, and how they plan to do so in the future years to come. BY ANDREA HAYES • PHOTOS BY S. SAXON

Please, tell us the story behind The Posh Peach. How did it all start? Our company began in 2012 with a love for shopping and a dream of owning our own business in our own hometown. Our company is personal because we are family. We are different individuals with different prior career backgrounds, styles and tastes, etc. For us, it made sense to partner in this venture, because we each bring something different, yet wonderful,to the table. We decided on opening a women’s clothing boutique because one thing we do have in common is we enjoy the latest trends and styles as they come and go. We both love fashion and the ability to use it as a way to help other women feel beautiful.

How can someone who tends to dress really “safe” break out of their comfort zone and dress more creatively? Start with accessories. Add different accessory options such as different necklace lengths, stack bracelets, or a belt to an outfit. Play with pairing colors like wearing a different color bottom with a top that you wouldn’t normally do. Bold color pairings are very “in” right now. Prints and pieces with lace or crochet are also very trendy. Wearing a printed top or a top with lace accents is an easy way to incorporate some of the latest styles in to your “safe” wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite items currently in the boutique? We love something about each and every item we have! We have several maxis that are really popular right now, rompers, colored skinnies, mini skirts, lace tops, and accessories that we can add to play all of these up. Plus so much more!

What and who influences you when buying for your store? We pay attention to the young trends of our culture as they change. When we are buying items for our store, we look for what our customers are interested in and looking for. We focus on the style of the everyday women – casual, work week, and dressier options. We have customers as young as 11-12, to women in their late 50s-60s who are looking for more trendy styles.

Finding good sales people is key and you mentioned it being a priority. How do you go about making sure that your customer service delivers? We want to provide superior customer service to every person that comes in to The Posh Peach store or who shops on our website. From the time you walk through the door and are greeted with an inviting “Hello” to a “personal shopping” experience with help from a friendly, trained and knowledgeable sales associate, our hope is for everyone to have an experience that makes them feel good while they’re there and that they’ll remember. svm