Alday Chiropractic


Dr. Heather Alday talked with SVM about how chiropractic care can be more than a trip to the doctor with her faith based and holistic treatments.

When did you start your practice? I moved to Columbus in 2001 after finishing chiropractic school in Marietta, Georgia. I opened my practice in October of that year. It has been an awesome adventure. In addition to chiropractic care, what types of services are currently being offered? Indeed my staff and I do offer chiropractic care but we offer several additional services. We have decompression therapy, Aqua Chi Footbaths, vitamin supplements and DoTerra oils. Decompression therapy helps when a patient is dealing with a herniated or bulging disc. The Aqua Chi Footbath helps to detox the body. Vitamins and oils help to reduce inflammation, swelling and improves general well-being.

How does Chiropractic care help you? It helps in numerous ways. It helps with neck, arm, leg and low back pain. It can also alleviate headaches and sinus pressure. It helps to relieve pain from degenerative joint disease, arthritis and TMJ. Stress, better sleep, improved movement and coordination are great benefits of chiropractic care as well. Also, it can help to heal the body after being involved in an accident. Benefits are different from one person to another. 


Why should someone see a Chiropractor? Chiropractic care is a way to alleviate or decrease many musculoskeletal problems without the use of medications or the need for surgery. Keeping in mind it can also help prevent joint aches and pains

How is it different than other treatments? Chiropractic care is noninvasive. The low impact adjustment corrects misalignment issues. This allows a person to return to their normal daily activities with no pain. I also have patients report that it makes hobbies such as golf, tennis and yard work much easier.

Once you go to the Chiropractor, will you have to go the rest of your life? While you do not have to see a Chiropractor forever, it is recommendedthat you at least have a maintenance plan in place with your Chiropractor.

Just like you see your general practitioner forpreventative care, seeing your Chiropractorperiodically can keep you aligned which canprevent the pain you had from returning.

Why Chiropractic? I would probably say why not chiropractic? I’m not trying to sound cliché though. I really love what I do. I was helped by a chiropractor when I was a teenager and decided this was what I wanted to do too. I am able to help people with a myriad of problems and thru the spinal adjustment it affects the person’s nervous system which reduces the symptoms the person has suffered.

This all happens without the use of medication or surgery.

What distinguishes you from other businesses in your category? We are aChristian based business. We use a natural andholistic approach to healing the body andhelping to diminish pain. We accomplish thisthrough several different techniques. svm