Posh Peach

When Erin and Leah opened the Posh Peach online in 2012, their goal was to bring a new sense of fashion to Columbus. In June 2014 they opened their charming Uptown location. They strive to appeal to the tastes of women regardless of their career, style or preference.

Erin Widick and Leah Perry talked with SVM about keeping up with latest trends, what they wish to offer Columbus, and how they plan to do so in the future years to come. BY ANDREA HAYES • PHOTOS BY S. SAXON

Please, tell us the story behind The Posh Peach. How did it all start? Our company began in 2012 with a love for shopping and a dream of owning our own business in our own hometown. Our company is personal because we are family. We are different individuals with different prior career backgrounds, styles and tastes, etc. For us, it made sense to partner in this venture, because we each bring something different, yet wonderful,to the table. We decided on opening a women’s clothing boutique because one thing we do have in common is we enjoy the latest trends and styles as they come and go. We both love fashion and the ability to use it as a way to help other women feel beautiful.

How can someone who tends to dress really “safe” break out of their comfort zone and dress more creatively? Start with accessories. Add different accessory options such as different necklace lengths, stack bracelets, or a belt to an outfit. Play with pairing colors like wearing a different color bottom with a top that you wouldn’t normally do. Bold color pairings are very “in” right now. Prints and pieces with lace or crochet are also very trendy. Wearing a printed top or a top with lace accents is an easy way to incorporate some of the latest styles in to your “safe” wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite items currently in the boutique? We love something about each and every item we have! We have several maxis that are really popular right now, rompers, colored skinnies, mini skirts, lace tops, and accessories that we can add to play all of these up. Plus so much more!

What and who influences you when buying for your store? We pay attention to the young trends of our culture as they change. When we are buying items for our store, we look for what our customers are interested in and looking for. We focus on the style of the everyday women – casual, work week, and dressier options. We have customers as young as 11-12, to women in their late 50s-60s who are looking for more trendy styles.

Finding good sales people is key and you mentioned it being a priority. How do you go about making sure that your customer service delivers? We want to provide superior customer service to every person that comes in to The Posh Peach store or who shops on our website. From the time you walk through the door and are greeted with an inviting “Hello” to a “personal shopping” experience with help from a friendly, trained and knowledgeable sales associate, our hope is for everyone to have an experience that makes them feel good while they’re there and that they’ll remember. svm