Dr. Moore Family Medicine

For more than a decade, Columbus native Linda “Jill” Kosobucki Moore, M.D., has served the Columbus area’s medical needs with attentive and thorough care.



In an effort to keep up with the changing times in healthcare – in which doctors are having to see more patients every day, resulting in longer wait times with shorter visits – and try to provide the best possible care for patients, Dr. Moore decided it was time to make a big change in her personal practice. With her new membership-based model, she is able to bring the focus back to patient centered care and provide overall wellness planning that emphasizes early detection of disease and preventative healthcare. 

What is your training background as a Family Medicine physician? I’m a board-certified family medicine practitioner here in Columbus. I earned my medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and completed my residency at Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, South Carolina. I recently transitioned my practice from a traditional model to a membership model. With this type of healthcare model, I’m able to provide office visits that are less hurried, same or next day appointments that start on time, increased communication, more direct connection and support for your diet, nutrition, fitness, and other healthcare goals. Being part of a smaller group of patients definitely has its benefits!

What type of medical problems do you see in your practice? Being a family medicine physician, I see everything under the sun, from heart issues and diabetes to sleep issues and osteoporosis. I treat patients age 5 and up.  But because I’m also concierge physician, it’s as much about the overall care of the whole patient as it is prescribing medication if they are sick. I’m able to take the time to establish a relationship with a patient and learn in depth about their overall health background as well as their family’s health history. This allows me and the patient to work together to look at any areas of possible concern and keep those issue from becoming a real problem. This type of personalized, preventative care is crucial for people who want to get ahead of their health and take it into their own hands, rather than just leaving things to chance. 

Is there one bad health habit you wish people would quit? Why? How about one good habit you’d like to see more people start? People are not being proactive with their health. They only see a doctor when they are sick. Often whatever is causing them to feel ill could have been prevented had they taken steps to create an overall wellness plan. That could include everything from incorporating more exercise into their lifestyle or getting more sleep. I’d like to see more people decide to take their health into their hands and be proactive with their health. That is the benefit of being a member of a concierge medicine practice. I get the opportunity to spend more time with my patients and in that time, we pinpoint what any health issues might be and discuss what can be done to fix that issue early.

Are you seeing that the shifting world of medical insurance of what’s being accepted and what’s not has impacted your patients? There is a lot of confusion about insurance right now – and as a whole, it is definitely affecting patient care. Because of how physicians are reimbursed, they have to see as many patients in a day as possible to afford even the basic overhead of running a practice. That cuts down on the time a doctor can spend with each patient. The average time a physician spends in an exam room is 7-9 minutes. It’s really hard to get to know your patients and address all their issues when they are 1 of 30 patients the doctor will see that day. I was constantly running behind when I had my traditional practice and I know my patients used to get incredibly frustrated. The benefit of membership is that appointment times are 30 minutes, we run on time, and you can almost always get in and see me the same day! There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you essentially have a doctor ‘on call’ when you can be seen as needed and calls get addressed and returned promptly.

What is your favorite part of the Columbus community? My husband David and I are fortunate that our families all live in the Columbus area.  Much of our family life now revolves around our children. We are quite pleased that David’s oldest daughter is now married and they are staying in the area.  His son is entering his senior year at Columbus High School. We have been very involved with our younger daughters’ dancing at Prodigy Dance Centre and competition team. We’re also active in events at St. Luke School year-round with our younger daughters. We adore our dance families and St. Luke families apart from those scheduled events. SVM