Your Life Maid Simple

Everyone loves a clean house, but not everyone has time—or the skill—to maintain a sparkling home. That’s where Heath Edwards and Your Life Maid Simple come in. They ensure that every corner of your home or new space is clean and safe. They follow a detailed cleaning procedure, however they can customize their cleaning to accommodate the needs of your space.


The modern world is busier than ever, meaning sometimes we have to let things fall by the wayside—but the team at Your Life Maid Simple knows that a clean and comfortable home shouldn’t be one of those things. Heath Edwards, the owner of Your Life Maid Simple, sat down with SVM to discuss the business and the services they offer.

Heath with his family: wife, Krystee, and sons, Cayden and Piece.

Heath with his family: wife, Krystee, and sons, Cayden and Piece.

What sets Your Life Made Simple apart from other similar businesses in the area? It really boils down to our mission, our focus –  it’s not just about cleaning, although that’s what we do, it’s about an experience you provide to the customer – that feeling when you walk in to a clean home – you see it and smell it and immediately feel more relaxed.  It’s about giving families a way to have one less thing on their “to do list” so they can focus on enjoying each other, making memories, and having the opportunity to do more together because they don’t have to spend their time cleaning their house.

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How did you get involved in this industry, and what inspired you to start your own business? I was in medical sales from the time I graduated from Auburn in 1998 until I started Your Life Maid Simple in August 2016.  My wife, Krystee, also has a growing career at OmegaFi here in town.  Between her schedule and my travel schedule, we were stressed out constantly trying to figure out how we could make things happen – get our boys from school, to ball practice, fed, and have everything ready for the next day without staying up all night.  I finally decided it was time for something different. I had always wanted to start a business, so I began researching various options. A cleaning service wasn’t top of mind, but it seemed like God led me to consider this through a series of things that happened.  From our own experience, we knew what a difference having someone that will do it right consistently over time makes. We heard the same story from others, and knew that we could bring something different and better to Columbus.

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What inspired you to incorporate essential oils and fresh cut flowers into your services? My wife, Krystee, actually gets most of the credit for this answer. The flowers were her idea initially and I took it and ran with it. It’s just an extra way to make customers feel good after we visit their home. Finding the right person to help arrange the flowers and work with me on making this happen was key! I am fortunate that I found and have formed a great relationship with a talented local floral designer who continues to amaze me with her work.

What do you think is the strongest part of your team? Our commitment to making customers happy and creating a relaxing experience for them. We know at the end of the day we are not only cleaning, we are rewarding people after a long day. We work hard and work together as a team.

Is your own home as clean as you make your customers’ homes? (Laughs.) You know the saying “the bug man’s house always has bugs”?  Our house is as clean as one can be with two working parents and two busy boys!  Both of our boys, Pierce (13) and Cayden (7) play travel baseball with CR out of Phenix City, so we’re doing good to keep ball field dirt out of the house some days. Krystee does enjoy the perks of fresh flowers regularly though.

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What are the best and worst parts of this business? What about it do you find most rewarding? Owning and operating your own business is hard. I knew it would be, but I don’t think you can ever really understand until you do it. The toughest part is probably scheduling, and doing all you can to accommodate special customer requests when they need an extra visit unexpectedly. The best part is when you hear raving reviews from customers who are so happy you’ve helped them.

What is a common misconception people have about cleaning services? That’s tough. I kind of think people underestimate the value it can bring to their life, because they see it as ‘a treat.’ It is a treat, but it’s also something that is so worth it because it can save you so much time.  We’re different; too, because we do things with a more customer centered, “tell us what it is you need and what’s most important to you” approach – a cleaning service doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. Sure, you can do certain things regularly as part of routine cleans, but you should also be able to ask for special services and know that you can count on us to get it done.

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Can you tell us more about your relationship with Cleaning for a Reason? Why this is something you chose to do? Last year we had a customer who was also a personal friend of someone in our family. She was battling the late stages of cancer, and when we were able to go in and clean for her, we knew how much of a difference it made for her to be able to relax. She really enjoyed keeping a clean home, and just wasn’t able to do it herself anymore. Soon after, I read about Cleaning for a Reason and knew this was something I wanted to involve Your Life Maid Simple in and contacted them. Cleaning for a Reason is a foundation that was formed in 2006 to help women enduring the effects of cancer treatment in a very real, tangible way – by helping them keep their homes clean. 

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Can I give someone the gift of Your Life Maid Simple? Yes, absolutely!  We love to be a part of surprising someone and making their day brighter. We offer gift certificates and can also include flowers with the certificate if desired.

Do you help with pre and post party cleaning?  Yes. With the holidays approaching, it’s a time of the year when things get even more hectic for everyone.  Many people enjoy having guests and entertaining during this time of year.  We can help remove some of the stress from entertaining and provide pre-party and post-party cleaning for you. SVM