Morten's at Old Town

Coming in October to Old Town is Morten’s Restaurant, owned by Morten Wulff, a Danish chef who hopes to put a European twist on traditional American cuisine and fine dining.


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As a former country and dining club chef, Morten Wulff is no stranger to fine dining and elegant cuisine. With the launch of his new enterprise, Morten’s Restaurant at Old Town, Wulff hopes to bring some of that elegance to the wider Columbus public. We sat down with Morten Wulff himself to talk about his new place, set to open in October.

How long have you been a chef? What made you decide that you wanted to work in this industry? I attended culinary school in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1985 after knowing I was meant to be a chef while taking a home economics class in high school. I loved the aromas and sights that developed from taking individual ingredients and turning them into tasty culinary creations. I had a passion for cooking and creating and knew that I could take this passion and travel the country doing what I love. I traveled for several years, acquiring new skills in all types of venues including hotels, private clubs, and restaurants until I made Columbus, Georgia my permanent home.

Why did you choose Old Town as the location to open your new restaurant? The newly developing community of Old Town is the perfect spot for the restaurant. My partner, Peter Lampert, and I knew at once that the beautifully landscaped Southern living community was the right fit for us. I feel that this is an up-and-coming area where the restaurant will thrive. Our mission is to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere where patrons can relax and enjoy fine dining with old and new friends.

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What makes Morten’s different from other restaurants in Columbus? Morten’s at Old Town will offer both indoor and outdoor dining. There is an open kitchen. Diners will be able to see into the kitchen and I feel that this will improve the overall dining experience as it creates a connection between the chef and the customer. We will offer a chef’s table facing the kitchen for those who want a more personal dining experience. Chef table guests can expect to be served a themed tasting menu prepared and served by the chef. The restaurant’s features will be changed out anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly to keep the selections new and exciting.  

How would you describe the menu and the cuisine at Morten’s? I will be using a combination of European and classic American cooking methods. Everything will be made from scratch using as many local fresh and flavorful products as possible. I put no boundaries on the types of dishes I create. I do what inspires me at the time. I am always looking to broaden my horizons to make truly special creations that keep the customers wanting to come back. I believe in both taste and presentation. I take pride in knowing that the dishes I prepare awaken the customer’s sense of smell, sight, and taste. That is my goal for each dish that I prepare.  

What will the hours of operation be, and will you be serving lunch, dinner, and brunch? Our hours of operation will be Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for lunch, 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. for dinner. Sunday hours are 5:30 to 9 p.m. Closed on Mondays.  

What is a favorite comfort dish that reminds you of home? Comfort food for me is the Christmas dinner that I grew up with in Denmark. It includes roasted crispy pork loin with braised red cabbage and caramelized potatoes.  This is the meal what reminds me of home, family, and childhood. svm