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Since 1980, artist Garry Pound has been creating some of the most remarkable oil portraits in the southeast. With a heavily artistic background that spans many mediums, he is one of Columbus’ artistic gems.

Columbus is lucky to have a thriving art scene. From the Springer Opera House to the Schwob School of Music at CSU, artists from every discipline can find a home surrounded by supporters, benefactors, and peers.

Garry Pound is one of Columbus’ most notable artists, and some of his most recent portrait work can be seen on display now at Fountain City Coffee. This issue, we had a chance to talk with him about his passion for creating art.



The home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Wellborn III was built in 1911 by John Banks Yonge. Yonge was
given the land by his mother as a gift for his marriage to Sarah Whittle Emmel of Macon. John Yonge’s
mother, following her marriage to Edward Ellis Yonge, lived all her life in the antebellum home at 2200 Oak Avenue, now called the Yonge-Key-Tyler house.

The house was home to John and Sarah Yonge from 1911 until 1926. The Yonges had no children, and following the death of John, Sarah inherited the house and lived there until moving to Florida. Dr. and Mrs. William L. Cooke subsequently purchased the house. After the death of Mrs. Cook in 1967, her great-nephew Frank Kieffer Martin, who later became mayor of Columbus, bought the house.

It was home to the Martin family until 1986. The Wellborns purchased the house in 2003 from Mr. and Mrs. Len Perkins and, after extensive renovations to both the house and grounds, moved into their completed masterpiece in 2005.



Everyone loves a sweet treat, especially around the holidays. It’s that time of year where nothing’s better than a soft cookie or a warm slice of cake, and Elisabeth Epperson of Elisabeth & Butter has plenty of sugar to go around.

When she first started baking in her early teens, Elisabeth Epperson instantly knew that baking was going to be her life. Over the years, she created and developed a baking business that’s garnered her a lot of attention—and it’s no wonder, with how delicious her cookies and cakes are!

Elisabeth grew up in the kitchen, baking with her mom and sisters. Baking became her passion at an early age, as she taught herself to make and decorate sugar cookies and started her own baking business at 15 years old. SVM had the opportunity to ask Elisabeth a few questions about baking and how she got her start.



The Museum of Democracy is a traveling collection that is hosted at permanent museums around the country. The Collection – started by the Wright Family – consists of over a million-plus objects, amassed over four decades. It is unsurpassed in quality and quantity, representing every president from Washington to Trump and covering all the major presidential campaigns.

If we do not learn our history, we are doomed to repeat it. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, yet many of us are still reluctant to look back on how far we have come as a nation. That is why museums are so important. The Museum of Democracy, a traveling collection, is one that is dedicated to focusing a lens on one of the most vital parts of our nation, past and present: politics, and, more specifically, the election of one of the world’s most powerful positions—the President of the United States. Mackenzie Wright, cofounder of the Museum, took some time to tell us more about her family’s collection.



PARTY This holiday season, whether you’ve got formal invitations or casual gift exchanges with friends, get all decked out in style.

An effortlessly sexy suede Take My Time by HYFVE mini dress from Dear Stella Boutique that flaunts your figure with smooth
velvet, a deep v-front and a romantic symmetrical skirt is an absolute must-have this season. Pair with heels to hit
the town in chic style. Pair it with this Lunik white jacket from the Posh Peach Boutique that turns heads thanks to plush faux fur and supreme softness. Pull it on over your favorite casual looks for a cuddly-chic vibe.