The Bottle Shop

 Boasting itself as the largest liquor store in town, The Bottle Shop has one of the most impressive arrays of beer, wine and liquor in Columbus. Owners Miles Jordan and Boo Miller strove for excellence in planning their latest venture.

Located off Bradley Park Drive, The Bottle Shop has rows and rows of premium alcoholic beverages. From fine wines to craft beers, The Bottle Shop seems to offer something for everyone. With the goal of a friendly staff and upscale shopping experience, Miles Jordan and Boo Miller wanted to fill a void they saw in the Columbus market. The pair sat down with SVM to tell us more about their unique package store.

What sets The Bottle Shop apart from the many other liquor stores in town?

The Bottle Shop’s plan from the beginning was to be something special, something Columbus was missing. We wanted to make sure that our business plan and vision would set us apart from any other liquor store in the area. The phrase “that’s how it’s always been done” was not allowed during planning and design. With that vision in mind, we reached out to Dutsch Roberts with UDR Wood Creations for the store’s all custom wood shelving. Important elements of the design concept were to have no boxes on the floor, wide shoppable aisles, and a clean and friendly retail focused environment which is very different than your traditional liquor store. Dutsch understood and bought in right away. He literally built the store for us from scratch and exceeded our expectations. We visited other stores to figure out the dimensions needed for the shelves, and we wanted to make sure to offer wide shoppable aisles. We are very excited with the final product and feel like we have created something special for the Columbus area.”

What is your go-to drink?
Miles: Typically, I enjoy a craft beer or a crown and ginger ale.
Boo: I like a John Daly.

With one of the largest selections of alcohol in town, what brands of hard to find beverages do you carry?

This could be a very long answer if we listed them all plus the answer will change often.cIf we don’t have it, it’s back ordered. We have a 35-door beer cooler, about 5,000-square-feet of spirits and about 6,000-square-feet of wine. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection and being able to help customers find products that are often hard to find.

 Summer is known for it’s fun and fruity drinks. Winter, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have as many exciting options. What drink do you recommend for a cold winter’s night?
Miles: I’d recommend a good bourbon neat.
Boo: I like a single malt in the winter time.

What little known alcoholic beverage do you wish more people knew about?

Miles: I really enjoy a nice, chilled glass of limoncello after dinner and not many people seem to know about them.
Boo: My new favorite wine is Cain Cuvee. It’s a very close second for my go to drink.

Your huge selection could be intimidating to some shoppers with little knowledge on alcohol. How will you and your staff help customers who could feel a little lost?

We have gone to great lengths to lay out the store in a way that’s easy to shop with chalkboard signs directing you to the different sections of the store. We plan to pride ourselves on great customer service, and there will be plenty of associates to guide and assist you if you can’t find your way.