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NG Salon & Tonsorial NG Salon Tonsorial was created by Eric Norris as a way of bringing back the classic old fashioned barbershop to the modern world. Eric and his staff are established barbers with a driving passion and true respect for the art and tradition of their craft. He realized that there was a huge gap in the Columbus men's grooming community, and .as a result NG Salon Tonsorial was born.

BY: Scottie DeClue

Passion for the craft of Barbering is what drives Eric Norris at NG Salon & Tonsorial, and he is proud to share it with the people of Columbus. Eric spoke to SVM about the services they offer, his inspiration, and the most popular looks that clients are asking for.

Eric, tell us a little about your men’s salon and about some of the services you offer. Adding the tonsorial (latin for barbering) side started when a sales rep introduced me to a product line started by a well known industry pro back in 2011. After some research, I found myself diving deeper into the history of barbering, where it got lost, and how it was making a comeback in the UK and some of the larger cities in the US. I decided adding traditional barbering services to the salon would be a great way to share the lost art of barbering with men and women in the community who may have never experienced it, while bringing back a once dying craft at the same time. Currently we offer: Mens cuts - shear cuts, clipper cuts, fades, buzz cuts, flat tops, and all variations of modern cuts. All cuts include a shampoo, straight razor shave around the hairline, ear hair and eyebrow trim, and are styled as desired. Hot towel shaves for head and /or face - We do it the way your grandfather had it done! We have our own blend of essential oils we soak each towel in before placing them in the warmer with the perfect amount of moisture to prepare and soothe the skin before and after the shaving service. Beard Trims - Whether growing your beard out, or keeping it a certain length, this is one job that definitely needs to be left to the pros. We trim hair to the desired length, and correct shape. This service can be finished with a hot towel shave around the freshly groomed beard, or finished with trimmers that cut almost as close as a razor. As with a finished haircut, we add one of our quality beard oils or balms and style. We also offer nose and ear hair waxing services.


What inspires you the most when it comes to cutting hair and making hairstyles? I love to exceed customers expectations. This can only be done in my opinion through a thorough consultation to understand what your client desires, and what amount of time and effort your client is willing to put into styling their hair. Understanding bone structure of the head and face, as well as hair texture, hair stream, and whirls are equally imperative. When you focus on those elements, the clients reaction to their finished style is the ultimate inspiration.

Trends are constantly shaping our world. What do you think about the current trends in the salon business and among customers in terms of style? In this industry you see the latest styles long before they reach your shop at hair shows and in continuing education classes. In smaller towns,like Columbus, it sometimes takes a year or more before customers start asking for styles that have been popular in larger cities. For us as professionals who attend shows and continuing education classes, it's always fun to start cutting and styling the trends we’ve been watching for a while.


A lot of people are into beards these days. What is the best way to maintain a good looking, healthy beard? Your beard should be treated as good or better than your hair. Beard washes or quality shampoos and conditioners are the starting place for a great looking beard. DO NOT wash your beard with soap! Next apply a quality beard oil or balm, whichever is better suited for your beard. Pro tip, if your beard is very coarse and unruly, you're better off with a balm. Finally, just like your hair, your beard needs shaping and trimming on a regular basis.

How do you approach finding the right style for a client’s hair? What matters more: the client features or the texture of the hair? I believe the clients features come first, product can't hide bone structure. From there I would go to texture. Some styles just cant be achieved, or will be a very poor representation of the desired style if the hairs texture doesn't work with that style. This is also where the role of the right product comes in to play. If texture isn't too far off, the right product can achieve the desired hair style. I'll add one more factor not mentioned in the question pertaining to finding the right style for your client. A very important aspect that often goes overlooked is if your client is willing to put the time and effort into styling their hair. If they are not, even though they like it, it may not be the right style for them.


Old-school barber shops are constantly adding new-school styles to their portfolios. Are the old styles becoming unpopular?In other words, what drives innovation and creativity in the industry? The hair industry in general, for men and women, is a significant part of the fashion industry. Whatever is hot on the runway, will be hot in the salon and barbershop eventually. Some hairstyles, especially for men are timeless. Others do change with the times, but its circular. It's here today, gone tomorrow, but it will be back! When it comes back it will have a more modern twist, but at its core it has the same foundation. From your great grandfather's WWII flat top, Elvis’ pompadour, the Caesar, and reemerging mullett, they've come back and are coming back with a 21st century twist.

What’s the most popular look that clients ask for? Thankfully not the 2009 Justin Bieber hairstyle anymore! The most requested style asked for at NG is a fade. Whether from skin, shadow, or ⅛ of an inch. We do faux hawks, pompadours, comb overs (not creepy uncle kind), slick backs, and caesars styles, you name it we do it with the hair on top of the head. But 99% of the time the customer wants the sides and back faded. SVM

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