Dr. Joseph Arnold D.D.S

Your smile is your brightest feature. Keep it in tip top shape with the help of Dr. Joseph Arnold
D.D.S, a graduate from the University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry. He has served Columbus,
Phenix City, and Fort Benning for the last 15 years. 
By Andrea Hayes


How long have you been working in the dental field?                                                                      I have been a dentist for 24 years. I came to Columbus in 1990 after graduation from dental school at the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry. I purchased the dental practice of Dr. David Weise who practiced in Columbus for approximately 30 years.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be a dentist?                                                           I decided I wanted to be a dentist in the summer following my freshman year in high school. My family had relocated that summer from one side of Oklahoma to the other. My mother was a school teacher and my father was a firefighter.
The only people I knew in the town were my relatives. Checotah, Oklahoma is very small, just ask Carrie Underwood. It happened to be the case that my cousin had just graduated from dental school and he was building a new office two blocks from my house. I spent the summer
watching the construction and installation of the dental equipment. I found it fascinating. I had never had a cavity and dental visits were pretty boring.


What are some of the most common procedures you perform in your practice?                          In my practice I perform many different types of procedures. I do a lot of crown and bridge reconstruction. Basic restorative procedures like fillings and cosmetic bonding, dentures and removable partials, porcelain veneers and implant restoration. I utilize the team approach to
some of my dental procedures. I feel that the specialists in dentistry allow me as a general dentist to provide comprehensive care. You never want to be a jack of trades and a master of none. Wish I had come up with that quote.


What are some of the different types of procedures you offer?                                                One of my favorite procedures is helping patients with replacement of missing teeth when they thought they were out of options. Technology has progressed to the point that the success rates for dental implants is very predictable. This is one of those times that I can refer my patient to a skilled Oral Surgeon or Periodontist and together as a team we can achieve excellent results thanks to better diagnosis and treatment planning with technologies like Cone Beam CT. How do you like to spend your free time? I spend my free time with my family, at the lake, or doing yard work. I have been blessed to have 6 terrific children. To watch 5 them grow into wonderful young adults makes me happier than I can put into words. With only one child left at home I might have time for a few more projects around the house when I'm not being a Cheer Dad


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