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When artist Katie Jacobson moved from Colorado back to the Midtown area of Columbus in 2017, she took her chances. But like many creative people here, she fell in love with Midtown quicker than her Subaru Outback could make its 2.9-mile trek around downtown. There is just something inspiring about Midtown - the glamour of its architecture, its history and of course the arts. By Marla Caligaris Photos by Eliza Morrill Photography


There are many things to love about Midtown. It is home to the Columbus Museum, it is very dog friendly, and it features stunning historical homes. SVM interviewed artist Katie Jacobson about what made her decide to move back to Columbus Midtown, how her new home reflects her art, and what are some of the spaces around the city she likes to visit.


When did you first know you were an artist? Drawing and painting has been something I have done since I could hold a paintbrush. My family was always so supportive of my passion in art since I was very young. They were always giving me art supplies for my birthday and Christmas, and signing me up for all the summer art camps available in our area. Painting and drawing is something that just came natural to me. My junior year of high school was when I had the a-ha moment of ‘yes I am going to pursue this.’


What are the most interesting new trends in your field? I don’t know if I would call it a trend, but something I’ve been noticing and also working on within myself is speaking truth. Instagram is a huge platform for us artists, and with social media I think there can be a disconnect. You know, it’s really easy to see and post beautiful photos, and there is something to be said about people who share experiences, challenges, and personal insight. It shifts looking at beautiful photos into actually having a more human-like connection. When people share more about their story, it deepens a connection to their art they are sharing.


How does your home reflect your art? I love eclecticness and color. Every painting I do has a story and the same goes for everything in my house. One of my favorite past times is thrifting, especially when I travel. My furniture, décor, and the art I collect is something I like aesthetically while it also has a personal meaning and experience. Color is definitely a big element in my paintings, and if you walk around my house, you will see the same pops of color in my décor. Color is energizing and warming. The same goes for paintings. I want to create work that inspires people and makes them feel warmth.


You decided to move from Taos, New Mexico to Midtown Columbus recently. What attracted you to this area? I grew up in Columbus, and no matter where I was living around the US, this has always been home. I was not sure when or if I would ever more back here, until I came home this past Christmas for an art show. I had an overwhelming feeling of “I don’t want to leave, this is where I need and want to be.” I started manifesting this idea of moving home, and lo and behold, my favorite house in Columbus was the first house that popped up. I am a big believer in signs, and there were so many signs leading me to this house. There is a really cool energy I am feeling in Columbus, and there is a strong community. It’s really inspiring and I am really excited to be back here.


How did Brookstone School’s Art department help you develop into an artist? Hands down, the teachers were a huge influence in my art. I walked into Sally Bradley’s class my junior year, and ever since that first drawing I did in her class, I knew art was what I was going to pursue. I was not a straight A student. I struggled with math and science. Having Sally’s encouragement in my art, gave me the confidence and excitement that I needed to pursue it. When I was in college, I even brought back my first commission which was a child’s portrait to get her advice and critique. It was that mentorship and encouragement that changed everything and began the path of me becoming an artist.


As an artist, what art spaces around the city do you like to visit? We are so lucky to have the Bo Bartlett Center. Every time I go there I am blown away and beyond inspired. I am so excited to attend all the events and see how it grows and impacts our community. The Columbus Museum is another great art space in Columbus. They are good about having events and giving grounding to the art community. There is a solid group of artists here in town, and one of my favorite things to do is go to art shows and open studios.


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